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Backlit Material

  • Shading film

  • Enhancement film

  • Diffuser

  • Reflector
  • 产品介绍
  • Backlight module comprises a light source, light guide, reflector, diffuser, prism film, shading film, double-sided glue combination. Light reflecting sheet having a reflective effect; diffusion sheet having a light diffusion effect, which occurs on the surface of the light scattering; optical characteristics of optical films: the change in each direction of the direction of polarized light was perpendicular to the direction of injection, when the human eye vertical when the light guide surface looks brightest. (essentially condenser); shading film is mainly used for the backlight on, since fixed, and the reflected light shielding effect; sided adhesive has a certain viscosity, can be attached to the surface of the product , or as a gum affixed to the edge of the reflecting sheet and shading itself does not contain glue chip. We can according to customer request processing reflective film, diffusion film, prism film, shading film, double-sided adhesive.