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■ 2003年June: establishment of the Shenzhen City Jin-fat Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sale of packaging materials ;

■ 2007 July 2008: the company invested R & D centers , began to get involved in research and development and production of special high temperature adhesive tape ;

■ 2008 August 2009: to expand the scale of production and the company moved to Canton , Longhua Shiguan tea corner ;

■ 2008 August 2009: Company's business development needs was renamed Shenzhen Jincheng Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.

■ 2010 August 2009: After two years of rapid growth company again expand the scale of immigration Long Huajin Industrial Zone , built ten thousand clean room , special adhesive tape development and processing ;

■ 2011 May: a company has passed IS09001: 2008 quality management system certification , on-site management of the full implementation of "5S" standard ;

■ 2012 August 2009: In order to further explore the market , and promote development of the company , set up in Dongguan Tangxia Branch ;

■ 2012 October: in recent years through the development of technologies and products in the production process, the project has made a great improvement , upgrading production workshop , build 1000 clean room , providing customers with products of high clarity production and Processing

■ 2013 January: the company once again to expand the scale of production department "Materials Workshop " moved Hong Jin Industrial Park, 1st Floor, Block B,

■ 2013 February: Shenzhen Pinghu branch company set up

■ 2013 July 2008: the company expanded production capacity to meet the new one 1000 clean room