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  • OCA optical glue       OCA is essential raw material for making touch screen. Jincheng is able to provide OCA featuring light transmittance higher than 90%, strong adhesion and slight contraction after solidification, which can be solidified in room or moderate temperature and features slight contraction. It can be class...More >>
  • Waterproof adhesive foam       As large and ultra-thin screens have been widely applied to smart phones, music players, tablet computers and other electronic devices, our company has developed a series of waterproof adhesive foams which are ultra-thin, waterproof, shock-absorbing, ductile, airtight, easy to joint and applicable ...More >>
  • Acid-resistant film       JC202HF acid-resistant film with excellent adhesion stability and peeling, no adhesive residue; gum and ITO good compatibility, according to customer requirements, processing a variety of sizes, shapes acid-resistant film. Acid-resistant film 20% hydrofluoric acid resistance.More >>
  • Protective membrane       With the kind of consumer electronics products increasing function of escalating consumer demand for these products display, touch screen clarity, resolution and cleanliness also put forward higher requirements. Jincheng production of clean grade requirements of the protective film die-cutting prod...More >>
  • Adhesive       In consideration of different bonding planes and service conditions, Jincheng offers a range of double-sided adhesive products varying in thickness, base materials, temperature endurance and adhesive strength. These double-sided adhesive products can be used to bond components of the same materials...More >>
  • Backlit Material       Backlight module comprises a light source, light guide, reflector, diffuser, prism film, shading film, double-sided glue combination. Light reflecting sheet having a reflective effect; diffusion sheet having a light diffusion effect, which occurs on the surface of the light scattering; optical char...More >>