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  • OCA optical glue
    OCA is essential raw material for making touch sc...
  • Waterproof adhesive foam
    As large and ultra-thin screens have been widely ...
  • Acid-resistant film
    JC202HF acid-resistant film with excellent adhesi...
  • Protective membrane
    With the kind of consumer electronics products in...
  • Adhesive
    In consideration of different bonding planes and ...
  • Backlit Material
    Backlight module comprises a light source, light ...
    • About Jincheng
      Jincheng adhesive positioning is committed to providing customers with precision die cutting products and product-related process design and automation solutions, Jincheng products are widely used in consumer electronics and other industries.
    • Find innovative solutions
      Innovation has always been Jincheng people chase the target, the concept of innovation, strategic innovation, organizational innovation, product innovation, market innovation, along with Jincheng scratch, from small to big, from big to strong.
    • Quality products and services
      Jincheng will continue to face the future challenges, to create the industry's reputation Jincheng brand. Jincheng has a number of well-known companies to collaborate on projects, entered into a strategic partnership to provide innovative design, high quality manufacturing and services.
    • Enhance the value of life
      Jincheng attaches great importance to human resources strategy and technology innovation strategy, through years of unremitting efforts, the company has cultivated a younger, unity, pragmatic, professional, aggressive management team.